Baseball and BBQ, Day 2


The middle leg of our three-day journey took us to Kansas City, where the “baseball and BBQ” theme really came into its own.

The first stop was Fiorella’s Jack Stack BBQ, one of the MANY fine purveyors of barbecue we had heard about before coming to town (Jack Stack just happened to be the closest one). See photo on bottom left for the platter we chose — ribs and burnt ends. Then it was off to Kauffman Stadium (top), where we got a nice view from behind the fountains (bottom middle) and sampled some Sheridan’s Frozen Custard (bottom right).

Oh, and here’s a big reason why we love going on ballpark tours:


Hoping to have the same type of experience tomorrow when we finish up our trip in Denver! Keep tabs on our journey on Twitter (@itinerantfan) and Instagram (@itinerantfan).

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