Ten Minutes With… on Stadium Scene: Find out more about I-Fan!

Itinerant Fan on Stadium Scene

Have you ever wondered how Itinerant Fan came to be? Or how I got onto the blogging scene, or how I developed my fascination with stadiums and travel? Or just who the heck I am?

Well, thanks to Stadium Scene, I recently was given the forum to tell my story.

Check out my podcast debut below, as I joined hosts D.J. Fluck and Kate Thompson for a discussion about Itinerant Fan on their “Ten Minutes With… ” show.

Don’t let the title fool you, as we spent much more than 10 minutes discussing sports, travel and sports travel. I shed light on the following:

  • The origins of my blog
  • My desire to watch a game in every stadium in the NFL, NHL, NBA and Major League Baseball (aka the pursuit of “Club 123“)
  • What I’ve learned about blogging and how to maintain a successful website
  • And the joys of posting on Pinterest. (Side note: Yes, you can find Itinerant Fan on Pinterest! And I do receive a fair amount of site traffic from there.)

And yes, I have the crazy grin on my face for most of the interview thanks to Kate the Sloth, who was highly entertaining!

What is Stadium Scene?

Stadium Scene (stadiumscene.tv) is a network of sports content creators, including bloggers, podcasters and video channels. Many focus on a specific team, while others cover an entire sport or league, and others still put out general sports content.

The idea behind it is to bring like-minded creators together to help discover each other’s work and support it. I’ve found several blogs and podcasts I enjoy through the network.

It’s free to join Stadium Scene, though there is also a premium tier that offers more benefits.

D.J., Kate and the rest of the crew do a fantastic job running Stadium Scene and helping to promote its members! Check out their YouTube channel for more “Ten Minutes With… ” videos and other cool sports content.

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