What is the Lambeau Field bag policy in 2023?

View inside the seating bowl at Lambeau Field before a Green Bay Packers game

Lambeau Field is one of the most popular stadiums in the NFL. This historic stadium tends to draw in over 80,000 fans for every Green Bay Packers home game.

If you are reading this, you may be planning a visit to this stadium for the first time. To properly prepare for this, you should make yourself aware of the Lambeau Field bag policy.

This guide goes over the details of this bag policy and what bags are allowed in this NFL stadium.

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Specific bags

The main thing you need to know is what types of bags you are allowed to bring into the stadium. Lambeau Field has clear rules on this that give some flexibility for fans to bring personal items with them to a game.

One big thing is that the bag has to be clear. This allows security to see what items you have in the bag. It also makes it easier for security to search said bag.

Then, you have to consider how large your bag is. The rules on this differ slightly depending on what type of bag it is.

For regular backpacks, there are maximum dimensions that your bag has to fall under. These dimensions cannot exceed 12 x 6 x 12 inches.

If it is larger than that, security will tell you that you can’t bring it inside and you will have to leave it back in your car or hotel. If that is not an available option for you, you will have to surrender those items before you go inside the stadium.

The other type of bag you have to consider is a purse. On one hand, these purses do not have to be clear like backpacks do.

However, you have more limited dimensions with these purses. They cannot exceed 4.5 x 6.5 inches. If you want to bring one of these purses into the stadium, security will likely search for it before you are cleared.

Prohibited items

Another thing you have to keep in mind is what type of items you are allowed to put in these bags. Lambeau Field has a clearly defined list of items that are prohibited from entering the stadium, even if you put it in an eligible bag.

One of the biggest rules here is that no weapons of any kind are allowed into this stadium. This rule gets controversial because the state of Wisconsin does have a concealed carry law currently.

However, you have to remember that Lambeau Field is a private establishment that can make its own rules. As a result, they have chosen not to allow firearms of any kind, even if you can legally carry them outside.

Traditional bags, backpacks, duffel bags, and large purses are also prohibited. Then, there are other items such as umbrellas, strollers, wagons, selfie sticks, noisemakers, and more.

Some people may also attempt to bring in traditional stadium seats to improve their bleacher experience. However, you can’t bring in seats larger than 18 inches or those that have zipper pockets of any kind.

On top of this, you need to finish any food and beverages that you have outside of the stadium. Lambeau Field does not allow anything in this category past security.

Camera equipment

One item that can be a bit of a gray area is camera equipment. That is because Lambeau Field allows smaller technology in this department. However, it still has clear items that it prohibits in this category.

Video cameras of any kind are not allowed in this stadium. On top of this, you are not allowed to bring in any camera lenses that are larger than 12 inches.

However, Lambeau does let you bring in certain items, such as small cameras and cellphones.

Loose items allowed

We have talked extensively about bags and other items that you are not allowed to bring inside. So, what are you allowed to bring inside?

Green Bay does get cold during certain times of the year, and Lambeau Field is empathetic to this. As a result, they do allow people to bring battery-operated clothing to keep them warm. On top of this, they also allow people to bring loose items such as blankets, additional clothing, or seat pads under 18 inches.

You can also carry essential personal items with you inside the stadium. This includes things such as cell phones, keys, wallets, jewelry, and more.


You or your bag may be selected for an additional search when you are attempting to enter the stadium. Lambeau Field makes it clear that anyone can be subject to this.

So, what happens if you refuse this? Security will deny you entry to the stadium and you will have to leave the premises immediately. Make sure you prepare for this possibility before you get to the stadium.

Security process

Going through security in Lambeau Field is somewhat similar to going through airport security. The main difference here is that you do not have to take off clothing such as shoes, belts, jewelry, etc.

It is a little less invasive than that, but you will still have to walk through a metal detector. Before you do this, you should empty your pockets of all items and put them into a bin. That bin will likely be searched by security to make sure that there are no prohibited items in there.

Assuming that you do not set off the metal detectors or have any prohibited items, you will clear security and go inside to enjoy a Packers home game.

Know the Lambeau Field bag policy

Lambeau Field is one of the most famous and historic stadiums in all of sports. Planning a trip here will be a special experience, and we want to make sure that you enjoy it.

With that said, review this Lambeau Field bag policy before heading to this historic stadium.

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